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'FREEDOM DEAL: The Story of Lucky' RT 25:00 (2013, Cambodia)
A striking new supernatural historical drama set in 1970 Cambodia during the US-Vietnam conflict - a multi festival selection, now also available on VOD and other platforms.

Camerado's supernatural drama, 'Story of Lucky', set along the Cambodia border in 1970
during the US-Vietnam conflict, comes to VOD on Reelhouse


LOST IN NEW MEXICO (Fiction Feature - Road Movie) RT 85:00

'GREAT ROAD PIC' - Angelika Entertainment, Greater NYC area

'RECOMMENDED' - Library Journal

SYNOPSIS: In a desert town somewhere in the Southwestern USA, a young woman seeks to bring her recently deceased daughter back to life - through the services of a maverick animal cloning expert, Dr. Kurt Morell. TRAILER | WEBSITE

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BOOKWARS (Documentary Feature) RT 79:00 & 56:30 TV version

'TERRIFIC' - La Times

'SUPERB....MESMERIZING' - NY Film Critics Circle

'HILARIOUS' - The New Yorker

SYNOPSIS: An indie classic from the streets of New York City, the Gotham Award-nominated BOOKWARS is: the gritty world of New York City street booksellers told in a remarkable story that chronicles their lives and loves and their unique perspectives on life...

With soundtrack by jazz legends Jack McDuff and Willis Jackson, BOOKWARS is an homage to the Beat sensibility made famous by Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Robert Frank, and others from the Beat generation.

See the Mayor and the NYPD try to shut them down!


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