The Popes Of Camerado*
...a fun loving title to honor the contributors and helpers who have assisted with Camerado's ongoing slate of fiction features and social issue documentaries.

Contribute via the button below to join the ranks of Camerado supporters:
(even a $5 donation will be greatly appreciated; that buys us 2 reams of paper, some binders...or, less boringly, a much needed pint of Guiness after a marathon editing session!)

*If you are opposed to being called a Pope, for whatever reason, choose your own title and we'll list you that way instead!

HOW WILL YOUR CONTRIBUTION HELP? [A case study: Camerado's first feature, BOOKWARS]

CAMERADO's first feature, BookWars, is an award winning picture which was screened and broadcast around the globe to hundreds of thousands of viewers. But we weren't able to make that picture happen without our generous supporters.

Remember, we're making REAL independent movies here, not "Indiewood" productions with multi-million dollar budgets. We're talking bootstrap, grass roots, do-or-die, gotta' make the movie 'cause you're passionate filmmaking. We make movies that challenge conventions, about stories and subjects that are truly unique and original -- not reverse-engineered from a demographic breakdown to produce the greatest number of product and marketing tie-ins.

The generous supporters who contributed to the production and completion of BookWars knew this. They wanted to participate in the making of one of the most challenging and unique real life stories ever to come from the streets of New York: BookWars

Not only was the movie a success due to the generosity of our supporters, not only were they were well appreciated by all those people around the world who saw BookWars -- a movie which never could have otherwise been made -- but those supporters were thanked in perpetuity by including their names and their company's name in the closing credits.

Now's your chance to participate in Camerado's ongoing slate of original and innovative features and social issue documentaries, while getting your name listed in the credits of Camerado's next project, the compelling feature road movie, Susan Hero [currently in postproduction].


Contributions will be directly applied to the current Camerado project[s] in 1) postproduction and then 2) other projects in development. Please specify if you strongly prefer that your contribution is applied to a particular project.


Take a look at the following scenes from our current feature in postproduction,Susan Hero, which has been made possible in part by the Popes of Camerado; their contributions have allowed us to access the equipment and software necessary to cut these crucial scenes:

=>Motel Interlude<=
(2.6 MB Quicktime Clip)
(played by Jaime Estrada and Drea Pressley, as Javier Appollinaire and Susan Hendricks respectively)

=>The New Agent<=
(4.6 MB Quicktime Clip)
(played by Larry Braslow and Jason Rosette)

=>Lonnie visits Uncle Waseta<=
(played by Dave Paytiamo and Dale Waseta, two great local Native American talents)


Rolando Dubioso
(sending a pile of Euros all the way from Deutschland, and again right after we wrapped, sending another much needed infusion of cash which enabled us to cover unanticipated, outstanding production costs -- our top ca$h donor!)

THE $500+ CLUB:
Syd Pressman Legal Services, LLP

THE $100+ CLUB:
Zammaron Motion Picture Security Services
Bill and Alicia Miller
Ron and Marie Bishop
David and Johanna Rogers
Rue Herbert
Cormac Creed
Nadini Richardson (a fine pope from the UK)
James and John Montoya*
*co-producers of the our first feature, BookWars
Randolfe Wicker (our first anti-pope), founder of Clone Rights United Front

And we salute the following Popes, whose help is also greatly appreciated:

Dennis Garber
Wendy Bledsoe
Andrew Rosette
Anne McKenna
Pete Breughel
Rich Goldstein and Little Muddy
Eric Kohler / EyeonSound
Mason "HashBrown" Miller
Louie Zammaron
Michel Negroponte
Mary Rosette
Judy Henry & Gold'n Hen Prods.
Yehudi "Mittens" Lipshitz
Reverend Mark A. Zimmer
Dale Waseta / Waseta Productions Ann Lerner
Musical Theatre Southwest
located at the historic Hiland Theater (in the Frank A. Peloso Performing Arts Center)
Daniel Werzinger
Jeffrey McKenna

*All Popes Receive a Listing in the Credits of Susan Hero

You too can join our esteemed supporters with your contribution, which will directly benefit the postproduction of Susan Hero and our ongoing social issue documentary and feature slate.