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bullet CAMBOFEST, Cambodia Film Festival: thanks to all supporters ~ seeking more contributors for Cambodian youth festival staff training

bullet FREEDOM DEAL: Vietnam war-era social issue feature drama reaches milestone - Phase II commences



The once thriving Cambodian film industry fell into ruin following the 1975 Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia.

Today the Cambodian cinema is starting to make a comeback, thanks in part to CAMBOFEST (www.cambofest.com), Cambodia's first international movie festival since the Khmer Rouge era, and Cambodia's only independent film festival.

 (The old 'Royal' cinema house in Kampot, Cambodia, left, re-discovered by CamboFest staff and brought back to life for the 2009 edition of the festival)

Individual supporters like you have been instrumental in helping us continue with our mission...

Individuals like James Mizurski, whose contribution this year has enabled us to purchase a much-needed new diesel generator for our vintage and rural screenings...

...or longtime supporter Jon Lewis, whose recent contribution covers part of our transportation needs.

variety_logo...or VARIETY critic Richard Kuipers, who is generously providing AV gear for use in one of this year's venues.

Flaherty LogoThanks also to cultural groups like the Flaherty/International Film Seminars, Inc., for facilitating the screening of 'the worlds first documentary', NANOOK OF THE NORTH (finally premiering in Cambodia, eighty eight years after its initial release)

Make a contribution to CamboFest - be a part of the history of cinema in Asia!

International cultural agencies like UNESCO have applauded CamboFest's mission, undertaken this year with no foreign or local government support...

For our 4th year edition, CamboFest will be working  with a Kampot, Cambodia youth association in order to enable their participation in current and future festival operations.  

Help us cover the cost of their training, fuel for our generators, transportation and lodging, and other essential items:


points501 (c) 3 Tax deductible contributions to CamboFest can be made HERE

pointsor, make an immediate contribution through our Secure Online Payment gateway

We're also seeking additional hardware contributions, virtual volunteers, and commercial sponsorship; please contact info@cambofest.com with inquiries.

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FREEDOM DEAL: Camerado's Vietnam war-era 4th feature

Freedom Deal Camerado pioneers new territory with the first-ever dramatic feature about the US-Vietnam war...in Cambodia

FREEDOM DEAL takes place during the 1970 US/ARVN incursion into Cambodia as a part of the larger US-Vietnam War.

Like 'Hurt Locker' and 'Blood Diamond', FREEDOM DEAL is a social issue drama which sets smaller, a personal story against the backdrop of a larger conflict.

5+ years of research in Cambodia led the Freedom Deal team through ultra secret locations along the Cambodia-Vietnam frontier...

...and to the location of the location of the elusive COSVN North Vietnamese army headquarters near the Mekong river North of Kratie, Cambodia.

Thanks to our contributors, Phase I of development  is complete, with the first draft of the WGA registered (#1467328) screenplay now complete.  

YoutubeWatch a scene demo, shot in Cambodia, which
suggests tone and some elements of FREEDOM DEAL

Thanks also to Gold'n Hen Productions in Beverly Hills, and writer Tim Merrill in Los Angeles for much analyisis and feedback of the current draft of the screenplay.

Interested international co-production partners, Email Us with inquiries or to request a treatment or script. Locations and talent in Cambodia and Thailand already scouted; military personnel, armory, pyrotechnics, and weaponry available at a fraction of Western rates.

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A personal appeal from CamboFest founder Jason Rosette of CAMERADO


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Year-end and holiday deals on movies by Camerado

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'Terrific' - LA Times

Groundbreaking documentary about the literary subculture of New York City sidewalk booksellers. Winner NY Underground Film Festival, IFP Gotham Award nominee

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VUTH LEARNS TO ROCK (& Other movies)

...Cambodia's first homegrown Rockumentary!

Includes: Vuth Learns to Rock, Hollywood Blackout, The Commute, and other great shorts by Camerado

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Updated director info and contacts for Jason Rosette / Camerado HERE

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